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Service Management Office™

What is a Service Management Office?

Stay on top of your IT Services with a Service Management Office™(SMO™).

You’ve built and instilled an efficient process culture. How do you keep it going and continuously improving? The implementation of a service management office (SMO) from which you govern quality, services, measurement and reporting will keep your IT efficiency growing.

The SMO’s main purpose is to become the ultimate point of responsibility for Service Management through focus on the implementation, management and improvement of Service Management processes that support critical business services by:

  • Support the business better by establishing and integrating new processes smoothly
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of existing Service Management processes
  • Get more from software by ensuring proper process interfaces and integration
  • Improving communications with the business and between different IT groups/functions
Service Management Office Startup Kit   

We'd love to help in one of following ways make your SMO highly effective:

  • iRunIT:  Quickly stand up processes, roles & responsibilities and measurement.
  • Consulting:  Let us help you build a roadmap for successful implementation and get it rolling.
  • Communication Programs:  Communicate the value in meaningful ways.
  • Simulation Events:  Get the necessary buy-in and support to make your Service Management Office effective.

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