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Service Management Office™

What is a Service Management Office?


IT service management sparks exponential value by bringing consistent quality, an elegant, properly paced customer experience and a cost-competitive position for technology that powers the business.

A Service Management Office (SMO) is your engine to position you as the business’s broker for just the right services for your customer, whether provided by an internal IT group or an external provider. The SMO is the keeper of the promises and agreements made throughout the implementation of these services.

The role of the SMO is to:

  • Determine technology needs of the business
  • Translate business needs to IT service requirements
  • Locate providers for those services (may be internal or external)
  • Ensures (governs) that those services are provided in cost-effective, competitive manner
  • Manages the service levels of those services
  • Looks for ways to continually improve the quality of delivery, customer experience and cost of these services

G2G3’s deep background in SMO design and adoption will help you build the ultimate point of responsibility for selecting and managing great IT services. 


Service Management Office Startup Kit   

We'd love to help in one of following ways make your SMO highly effective:

  • iRunIT:  Quickly stand up processes, roles & responsibilities and measurement.
  • Consulting:  Let us help you build a roadmap for successful implementation and get it rolling.
  • Communication Programs:  Communicate the value in meaningful ways.
  • Simulation Events:  Get the necessary buy-in and support to make your Service Management Office effective.

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